ICICI Bank Personal Banking Customer Care Number, Email Id

ICICI Bank Personal Banking Customer Care Number, Email Id. ICICI Bank provides various features and benefits along with the personal banking feature for the customers. And for knowing them or knowing them better and for any kind of support related to the personal banking in ICICI Bank, they have provided the 24/7 customer care support for the retail customers via customer care helpline numbers.

So if you are in need of those helpline numbers then just have a look below as we will provide all customer care numbers available for personal banking in ICICI Bank. Now you can have a look below. Users can also find the answers of all general searching of bankers about personal banking like what is the customer care number of ICICI bank for personal banking, ICICI Bank personal banking customer care, how to contact ICICI Bank for personal banking, ICICI Bank personal banking etc.

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ICICI Bank Personal Banking Customer Care Numbers

Here we are sharing all the personal banking customer care numbers of ICICI Bank. We are mentioning all the available phone banking customer care numbers of all the regions of ICICI Bank. Just check it out below:

Ahmedabad Customer Care Number: 07933667777 / 07944455000

Andhra Pradesh Customer Care Number: 7306667777

Assam Customer Care Number: 9864667777

Bengaluru Customer Care Number: 08033667777 / 08044455000

Bhubaneshwar Customer Care Number: +91-9938488000

Bihar Customer Care Number: 8102667777

Chandigarh Customer Care Number: 01723366777 / 01724445500

Chattisgarh Customer Care Number: 9098667777

Chennai Customer Care Number: 04433667777 / 04444455000

Coimbatore Customer Care Number: 0422-4358000

Cuttack Customer Care Number: +91-9938488000

Delhi Customer Care Number: 01133667777 / 01144455000

Ernakulam Customer Care Number: 04843366777

Goa Customer Care Number: 9021667777

Gujarat Customer Care Number: 8000667777

Guwahati Customer Care Number: +91-9954108000

Haryana Customer Care Number: 9017667777

Himachal Pradesh Customer Care Number: 9817667777

Hyderabad Customer Care Number: 04033667777 / 04044455000

Jamshedpur Customer Care Number: +91-9934008000

Jharkhand Customer Care Number: 8102667777

Karnataka Customer Care Number: 8088667777

Kerala Customer Care Number: 9020667777

Kochi Customer Care Number: +91-9895478000

Kolkata Customer Care Number: +91-9831378000

Lucknow Customer Care Number: +91-9936218000

Madhya Pradesh Customer Care Number: +91-9893208000

Maharashtra Customer Care Number: 9021667777

Mumbai Customer Care Number: 02233667777 / 02244455000

Orissa Customer Care Number: +91-9938488000

North East Customer Care Number: +91-9862408000

Patna Customer Care Number: +91-9934008000

Pune Customer Care Number: +91-9890478000

Punjab Customer Care Number: 7307667777

Rajasthan Customer Care Number: 7877667777

Ranchi Customer Care Number: 06513344339

Siliguri Customer Care Number: +91-9933008000

Tamil Nadu Customer Care Number: 7305667777

Uttar Pradesh Customer Care Number: 8081667777

Uttarakhand Customer Care Number: 8081667777

West Bengal Customer Care Number: 8101667777

Please note, any of the phone numbers is not toll-free. Hence, the callers will get charged with normal calling rates for calling on the all mentioned numbers.

These customer care numbers are for inquiries related to Personal Banking only for ICICI Bank. You can ask questions related to it, file complaints, get suggestions and solutions of all kind of problems which you facing regarding Personal Banking concept of ICICI Bank.

Official Website: www.icicibank.com

This is the official website URL of the ICICI Bank, customers can visit their official website directly by following this given link.

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